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Many of us use flammable gases, such as propane and natural gas, for various purposes in and around our homes such as heating, cooking, water, etc. However, many of us take for granted that the system is still operating properly and has no problems. What we want to do in this article is give you a few safety tips to keep you and your family safe.

One of the first rules before putting a hamburger, steak or chicken breast on the grill is to have the heat at the proper temperature.

With a charcoal grill, that means to have a nice fire going 25 to 30 minutes prior to cooking. Remember to open all vents and place briquettes on the lower charcoal grate.

Over the years, fireplaces have been a familiar feature in many homes, however until very recently, they have undergone very little change from the traditional hearth.

Heating with wood had found a broad new acceptance. Residential wood heaters range from wood pellet stoves and boilers to instututional and industrial pellet stove heating schools, factories, mall centers and campuses.


HERE’S one for the annals of homeowner negligence: as of last month, my chimney had gone eight full years without being inspected, much less cleaned. For all I knew, a few generations of squirrels had summered in my bricks before fleeing at the first scent of smoke.

Bishop, CA – Residents of Inyo, Mono and Alpine counties who are currently relying on old woodstoves or open fireplaces to heat their homes may qualify for a new program recently launched by the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District. Targeting old wood burning devices that burn inefficiently and emit high levels of unhealthy smoke throughout the region, the Air District’s new ”Woodstove Replacement Program” is aggressively targeting these old heating systems with funding for new, EPA-compliant replacements.

Here are some safety tips from Consumer Reports:

Check the propane tank for any signs of rust, dents or any substantial corrosion. If the tank is not 100% you should replace it. There are LP tank fuel gages commercially available and are very easy to install. In the absence of a gage, you can remove it from the grill, stand it upright and poor hot water around the tank. The line of the cool area will indicate how much fuel remains in the tank.

There's nothing like sitting in front of your fireplace for an enjoyable and comforting way to spend the evening. Fireplaces add a design element to nearly any space. Fireplaces provide an atmosphere for that special time whether you are enjoying it yourself or with family and friends.

Some folks are obsessive about the choice of firewood. First chore is finding it, then cutting, splitting and stacking are all part of the fun. Doing all the aforementioned properly will result in a clean burning, safe system that will be very efficient,

Winter being upon us, we start thinking about the cold damp nights and the cozy warmth of snuggling up to a fireplace or wood burning stove. There are some important things to remember when getting ready to start operating your heating appliance.

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