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Archive for February 2010

When we think about cooking grills, you must think about charcoal grills and gas grills. There is significant difference between the two. The difference between the two is the difference of satisfaction. If you wanna get a feel of cooking you must go for natural gas grill. More

According to the National Association of Home Builder's "Home of the Future" study, nearly half of industry experts surveyed say a room with a centrally located indoor fireplace remains a critical part of new home construction. Whether you're renovating an existing space or contemplating creating your own home's hearth room, start with the natural focal point of the room - the fireplace. Building a hearth room has never been easier using today's prefabricated fireplace, which does not require a stone foundation, said Deidra Darsa, Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association spokeswoman in Arlington, Va. More

The hearth room is a home's hot spot. Centrally located, often adjoining the kitchen, it becomes a place for families to chill out around to the fireplace. Historically, a home's hearth was an integral and utilitarian part of the kitchen, used for cooking and for heating the house, says Stephen Melman, National Association of Home Builders spokesman in Washington, D.C. Today's hearth room still brings people together," Melman says, "Families congregate in areas of a home where there's warmth and comfort. With a fire going, that is often the hearth room." More

A dozen guys were standing around a San Jose, Calif., backyard the other day, gazing fondly at a naked chicken. It was a moment of some significance. It was not just about a dozen guys and a naked chicken. It was, perhaps, even historical. For man has achieved great things in the course of history, but one thing he has never achieved is the right to attend sales parties - at least not in the way that women attend sales parties - and stand around in a backyard in the company of a commission salesman and a naked chicken. More

Check your local building code to determine how far the hearth must extend in front of the firebox and the area on the sides and top of the opening that require noncombustible material. Expect 8 to 12 inches on the top and sides and a minimum of 18 inches for the hearth. When it comes to the hearth, the deeper, the better. There's nothing worse than a hot ember that burns a hole in the carpet. The remainder of the wall can be any material you want, from drywall to plaster to the rustic appearance of wood. More

Your fireplace holds the key to a cozy home and energy savings. The image of a family gathered around the fireplace, basking in its warm glow, is a classic for a reason: there's really nothing quite as cozy as flames crackling in a fireplace. Many homeowners are embracing that image once again - and saving money on their heating bills to boot. More

If you have a hankering for a thick Porterhouse steak seared on an open flame with just a touch of seasoning and a toasty baked potato on the side, what are you waiting for? A little cold shouldn't stop you from enjoying some fresh-grilled meat. According to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, nearly 60 percent of grill owners use them year-round, and Jim Brewer is definitely one of them. More

Fireplaces are shockingly inefficient, which, as far as Cameron Scott understands it, means that you're basking in a mere 10 percent of the heat generated. The rest goes up the chimney. And burning wood creates substantial particulate pollution, which is why fires are banned on Spare the Air days. Must you, then, give up the exquisite pleasure of a fire? No; thankfully, there's the fireplace insert. More

Today's grillers are hungrier than ever for more flavorful foods, as evidenced by the steady increase in the sales of wood chips and wood chunks over the last several years (according to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association). More

Fireplace inserts do more than breathe new life into an old, wood-burning fireplace. Fireplace inserts also provide cleaner air in your home and create a more efficient heating system, helping reduce energy bills in the face of today?s skyrocketing gas prices. What is a fireplace insert, anyway? More

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