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Archive for August 2011

Enviva LP currently has a biomass wood pellet manufacturing plant under construction in Ahoskie, N.C., and recently announced that it will soon be building another plant in Garysburg, N.C.

Relaxing in front of the fireplace with family members, friends or by yourself can be an enjoyable experience. Like the days of old, when families would gather around the fireplace and discuss current events and what everyone was doing, you can spend family night around the fireplace playing games or talking. You can obtain efficient wood burning, gas and electric Napoleon fireplaces from New Energy Distributing, which provides quality hearth products for the home.

Napoleon fireplaces come in all different styles and types to fit your home improvement needs. Wood burning fireplaces are available to update and modernize your home and require a chimney or other venting. If your home is newer, you may not have a chimney and can use a direct vent fireplace instead. This type burns natural or propane gas and is directly vented through the outside wall and requires no chimney.

When installing natural gas lines, you can use a stainless steel flexible gas pipe to run gas lines throughout your home. Stainless Steel Flexible gas pipes are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use for gas appliances, such as fireplaces, stoves and grills. You can find Pro-Flex yellow gas pipe as well as other gas accessories from New Energy Distributing.

A flexible gas pipe is a specific type of gas pipe used to run gas line to various appliances used in the home, such as gas fireplaces, clothes dryers, gas ranges etc. You may currently have rigid steel pipe installed which can limit the placement of your gas appliances. When you need to set the fireplace or other appliance further than where the gas current pipe is located, you can use this flexible pipe to connect the gas from the rigid steel pipe to the fireplace

Some brands of fireplace inserts include a blower, which is a fan which you can turn on to have the heat from the fire blown into the room. You gain much more heat from an insert which burns the wood much more efficiently. There are different types of inserts available for wood burning which can be purchased from New Energy Distributing.

If you have a wood burning fireplace in your home and want to gain the heating benefit from the fireplace you can install a fireplace insert. Fireplace inserts are made of different metals, including cast iron and most feature a glass front to enjoy the ambiance from the fire. This sealed system acts as a combustion chamber to greatly increase the efficiency.

If you are remodeling your home and installing a new fireplace or wood burning stove, you should install all new chimney pipe venting and not reuse any existing pipe from the old system. There could be a buildup of creosote in the old pipes and manufactured chimneys are not interchangeable. You can obtain chimney accessories and pipes, as well as venting ideas from New Energy Distributing.

When you want a fireplace in your home, but do not have a brick chimney installed you can run metal chimney pipe as a venting source for your fireplace. This pipe is not complicated to install and easily connects to the top of the fireplace to allow gases and other harmful by-products of the fire to escape from the home while retaining the warmth from the fire. You will also need this type of pipe when installing wood burning stoves.

When shopping for a wood stove insert you can find several different styles and brands available online to fit the type of fireplace you want to update. There are wood burning and gas and inserts available from New Energy Distributing, which offers quality hearth products for the entire home.

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