3/8 Inch CSST Pipe and Fittings

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CSST 3/8 Inch Pipe and Fittings


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Corrugated stainless steel gas tubing (CSST)

Corrugated stainless steel gas tubing (CSST) is a promising alternative to traditional threaded black-iron gas piping for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Its light weight, flexibility, and need for fewer connections and fittings can make it easier to install than traditional threaded black-iron piping. These benefits can add up to substantial labor savings for installers and cost savings for builders.

1 in x 12 in Pro flex Protective Conduit
Proflex CSST a protective device to prevent puncture of gas line where CSST is ran horizonally or constricted at a termination Sold in 1 ft individual lengths. No continuous length available.

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