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Archive for August 2011

A wood stove insert is a specially designed firebox which can be installed into your existing fireplace. This type of firebox is sealed and provides the ability to burn wood more efficiently and preventing heat from going up the chimney. This insert is often made of steel or cast iron. Inserts are available with blowers that circulate the warm air into the room.

By Bill Sendelback

Dealing with any government agency can be challenging, but the recent, and questionable, actions of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) have been extremely frustrating for the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) in its struggle to save decorative gas fireplaces - and now gas logs.

Sine today's gas fireplaces are direct vented they can be installed into any room in the home in which you would like a fireplace. People are adding these types of fireplaces to their bathrooms and bedrooms to provide heating on cold winter's nights and save on running the furnace. You can shop for different designs and styles of fireplaces online from New Energy Distributing, which specializes in quality hearth products for the entire home for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Gas fireplaces are an affordable option for people who want to add a fireplace to their existing home but do not want the expense of having to put in a chimney. These types of fireplaces are direct vent, which means there is no need to cut through the roof, ceiling and other areas of the home to install the fireplace, but only require a direct vent through the outside where the unit is installed.

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When deciding on different gas grill models, you need to look at the number of burners the grill contains as well the number of BTU's it generates. A higher number of burners and BTU's means that the grill will generate more heat and will be better suited when you have a large amount of food items to grill. You will also need to decide if you want a permanently installed grill or a portable one on wheels, both models are available from New Energy Distributing.

Gas grills have evolved since being first created from a basic grill design using a propane gas tank, to complete outdoor cooking stations. Modern designs can be permanently installed onto the patio or other outdoor area of the home, creating an outdoor kitchen. Even modern portable units have been updated to offer a huge grilling area, as well as separate burners for cooking other items and even warming plates and rotisserie options.

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Traditional wood stoves are often made of cast iron or steel which provided the ability to not only heat the home on cold days, but also provided a flat cooking surface to prepare meals on without having to also use the cooking stove. Modern cast iron and steel Napoleon wood stoves are available which are specifically designed for both cooking and heating purposes. You can shop for Napoloen products online at New Energy Distributing which offers quality hearth products for the home.

There are many different brands of wood stoves available on the market today, and one such brand is Napoleon wood stoves. Napoleon stoves come in different designs and styles, and offer high energy efficiency, which keeps the heat in the room and not up the chimney. Napoleon stoves are available at New Energy Distributing.

When deciding to add a direct vent fireplace to your home, the first step is to decide where you will be installing this fireplace. Once the area has been determined, you can begin to shop for the different styles, models and designs available to pick the one you desire. You can choose from the many sizes, shapes and styles all available from New Energy Distribution.

Modern gas fireplaces are often referred to as direct vent fireplaces. What is different about direct vent fireplaces and traditional gas burning units is that no chimney is required for direct vent fireplaces. Instead the fireplace is vented to the outside wall where the gas fireplace is installed and vents out combustion air and also provides the ability to draw in air from the outside as needed.

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