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Archive for March 2012

Natural gas does not smell naturally, so energy companies add a smell to it when processing the natural gas, which gives it a rotten egg smell.

When you are selecting Napoleon wood stovesfor use in your home, you will want to measure the area first. All wood stove require proper clearance on all sides which needs to be kept open at all times. This clearance is the area where higher temperatures are given off, and can create fire hazards when the stove is placed too close to walls or furniture. Once you find the model you like, check the clearance specifications to ensure it will properly fit into the room where it will be installed.

Flat Topped Napoleon Wood Stoves Can Be Used for Cooking

Certain models of Napoleon wood stoves have flat tops which can be used for cooking purposes, if you desire, and are available on our website, here at New Energy Distributing. When cooking on a wood stove, you need to remember that you will not be able to regulate the temperate of the cooking surface. You also will want to use the correct type of cookware, like cast iron pans.

When you want the heating quality you get from a wood stove, but already have an existing fireplace, you can look at a wood stove insertinstead. This type of insert fits into your existing fireplace space and converts the fireplace into a self-contained system.

When you have a wood stove you will need to run a chimney from the stove out through the roof of your home. Modern stoves do not require that you place them near an exterior wall of the home. You can place your wood stove in the interior of the home and use chimney pipeby running it through an interior wall out through your roof. You can also run piping to an existing fireplace chimney as an alternative method for venting the wood stove.

There Are Two Different Types of Chimney Connector Pipe

There are two different types of chimney connector pipe available for wood burning stoves on our website, here at New Energy Distributing. You can choose from single wall stove pipe and double wall stove pipe. Both types of stove pipe can be used with all types of wood burning stoves and is available in six, seven, or eight inch diameters.

Chimney linersare available in different diameters for different types of wood burning stoves and fireplaces. You can find liners available in both six inch and eight inch diameters. The lengths of liners will vary depending upon whether you are using a flexible liner or a rigid liner. Rigid liners are solid pieces which do not bend and need to be connected together. When you need a long length liner, flexible liners can be a better solution, since these are available in longer sections and reduce the risk of accidentally dropping the liner down the chimney.

Elbows Are Special Pieces Used With Some Chimney Liners

In order to connect chimney liners, like those available on our website, here at New Energy Distributing to your wood burning fireplace or stove, you may require special sections of liner pieces. These pieces are referred to as elbows and help you navigate around corners. There are slightly angled elbows available as well as 90 degree elbows for square corners which can be used along with straight sections of liners.

If you're like a lot of people, you can't wait for Memorial Day - the unofficial start of barbeque season. There's nothing quite like spending the evening with a cold beer and a plate piled high with chilled coleslaw, thick-cut French fries and succulent barbeque. With that said, here are the seven best cities for barbecue. More

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Selecting the right type of fireplace for your home depends upon what type of fuel you prefer to burn.

Operating gas fireplacesis slightly different from using wood burning fireplaces. Unlike wood burning, there is normally no flue which you need to open prior to starting a fire.

When you hear someone talking about a direct vent fireplace, like the models available on our website here at New Energy Distributing, you should know that they are referring to a particular style of gas fireplace.

Today's grillers are hungrier than ever for more flavorful foods, as evidenced by the steady increase in the sales of wood chips and wood chunks over the last several years (according to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association). Here are some useful tips when smoking meats, fish and vegetables on gas grills. More

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