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Napoleon Wood Stoves Have Necessary Clearance Requirements

When you are selecting Napoleon wood stoves for use in your home, you will want to measure the area first. All wood stove require proper clearance on all sides which needs to be kept open at all times. This clearance is the area where higher temperatures are given off, and can create fire hazards when the stove is placed too close to walls or furniture. Once you find the model you like, check the clearance specifications to ensure it will properly fit into the room where it will be installed.

Flat Topped Napoleon Wood Stoves Can Be Used for Cooking

Certain models of Napoleon wood stoves have flat tops which can be used for cooking purposes, if you desire, and are available on our website, here at New Energy Distributing. When cooking on a wood stove, you need to remember that you will not be able to regulate the temperate of the cooking surface. You also will want to use the correct type of cookware, like cast iron pans.

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