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Archive for December 2009

By Dr. E. Kirsten Peters Special to The Times

Published: Friday, December 18, 2009 at 5:07 p.m. Last Modified: Friday, December 18, 2009 at 5:09 p.m.

The recent massive snowstorm that moved from California across to New England certainly got the nation's attention. While some Americans dealt with snowfall measured in feet rather than inches, my part of the Northwest simply endured temperatures near zero, night after night. (Where I live, we think of ourselves as human weather stripping, nobly protecting states to the south from Canada.)Read more.....

Wood or gas, outdoor or indoor, fireplaces provide a warm, cozy place to relax

By Hollie Deese • FOR THE TENNESSEAN • December 20, 2009

Fireplaces are great. The mantel holds pictures, knickknacks and, occasionally, some pocket change or a pile of junk mail. But when the temperature dips, it's nice to take advantage of the fireplace's intended function with a warm, crackling fire.

Convert to wood

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John Martin, The Times

Published: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas traditions, probably more than any other celebrations, have a way of persevering regardless of changing times.

In this era when a failure to conserve energy is viewed as selfish and short-sighted, we still have people hanging hundreds, if not thousands of electric lights. We've never been more aware of the problems around shameless consumerism and personal household debt, yet we still tend to overspend and indulge beyond our means every Christmas.


With falling temperatures comes the rising costs of heating bills, whether it be oil or natural gas to warm people's homes.

Home heating oil prices spiked last year, with a barrel of crude oil rising to almost $100, settling in at $98.74. What that meant to the average consumer was a huge rise in home oil heating. Natural gas prices also were increasing, so many homeowners sought to obtain alternate heating sources, purchasing radiator-style self-contained oil heaters, electric heaters, wood and coal burners and duel heating units that burn wood or corn pellets.


PORTLAND, Ore. - With cold winter weather comes an increasing risk for chimney fires.

In the past few months, the McMinnville Fire Department alone has responded to a half dozen chimney fires, "most of which started due to a lack of proper maintenance," reports McMinnville Fire Marshal Eric McMullen.

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Huntsville - Everyone wants to save some money on their heating bills, while maintaining a "green" lifestyle. But we can't all afford the more expensive, occasionally less convenient, options of geothermal, solar, or wind power.

Read more.......

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EMC Lifestyle - Few home accessories add a more inviting touch than a fireplace. In addition to the warmth a fireplace provides, the cozy ambiance is also appealing to many homeowners. Even better, those looking to add a fireplace to their home now have an abundance of options to choose from.

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"Douglas County is the Saudi Arabia of biomass" - Joe Laurance, Douglas County Commissioner

We native Oregonians have another word for it: firewood. Our family has used firewood for heat and hot water most of our lives; it is part of our rituals of the seasons.

We cut or buy the wood in the winter, let it dry the next summer, and burn it the following winter. Then repeat. Relying on the land for energy is as natural as growing our own food. It is a part of being connected to this place.

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Fir and larch logs blazed in a wood stove as Fred Hauer summarized techniques for a clean, hot-burning fire.

He starts by lighting sawdust and paraffin nuggets. When they're burning, he adds kindling. Only when the stove chimney is warm and drawing smoke does Hauer - a co-owner of Spokane Fireplace and Patio - put dry, seasoned wood on the fire, keeping the stove door open for a few minutes to give the blaze plenty of air.

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