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Archive for January 2014

First and foremost, don't try to burn water. This sounds silly but it is the most fundamental thing to consider when you are burning wood. It might surprise you but green wood is up to 50% water. Putting it another way, for every Kg of green wood you try to burn, you are in essense adding around a pint of water. Drying you wood properly is key to make sure you have a safe, efficient enjoyable fire.

A fireplace can add both visual and decorative warmth to any room. However, all wood burning fireplaces require some air to escape up the chimney. Outside air kits can help with this but they do not totally eliminate the fact that some heated air from your home will escape up the chimney. Of course that loss of heated air increases energy cost for the home as it takes more energy to raise the room temperature to the desired setting.

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