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Archive for June 2009

If not properly crafted, new renewable electricity policies will waste biomass energy.

By: Daniel Richter

Q: What is a federal consumer tax credit?A: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 includes a credit of 30% (up to $1500) for the purchase of a 75% efficient biomass burning stove.

On June 1, 2009, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) finally issued its guidance for the 30% consumer tax credit (up to $1500) for the purchase and installation of a 75-percent efficient biomass-burning stove.


What is Zone Heating?

THE BENEFITS OF ZONE HEATING Why is a fireplace more effective than using the furnace alone?

When you are active and moving around the house your body doesn't feel the need for heat as it does when relaxing in the family room. Zone Heating means you are heating the room that you use the most with an alternate heat source, like a Napoleon Fireplace. Zone Heating is the obvious solution for those families concerned about rising fuel costs.

zone-heatingHow we heat our homes

Furnaces are designed as a central heating source that use air flow to convey the heat throughout the house. Air is heated as it flows acrossthe combustion chamber/heat exchanger and then is circulated through a maze of ductwork before being deployed into all the living spaces within the home.

When you relax for the evening in the family room, the furnace is set to generate enough heat to keep everyone comfortable. This means that the entire house is being heated when you really only need a comfortable temperature in one room.

Napoleon® The Cost Effective Solution

Heating the room you use is an obvious cost effective solution. With Napoleon all of our heater rated models are designed to generate the maximum amount of heat available for your fuel dollars. Napoleon fireplaces not only radiate heat through their glass doors they simultaneously conduct heat through the firebox (in some models through their heat exchanger). This means that everyone in your family room is actually absorbing the radiant heat from the fireplace while the air is warmed by the heat being conducted from the fireplace to the air flow around it. This all adds up to a very comfortable family on a cold winter night for a fraction of what it would cost to heat with the furnace alone.

Napoleon's new HD35 fireplace provides every comfort a homeowner needs to create a relaxing environment.

Napoleon HD35 Gas Fireplace

HD35 Clean Face Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


The simple yet sophisticated design of Napoleon's new HD35 fireplace provides every comfort a homeowner needs to create a relaxing environment. The clean face frame maximizes the viewing area so the realistic flames and log set are enjoyed to their fullest for a true masonry look and feel. With up to 25,000 BTU's, the HD35 generates plenty of cozy heat and can easily turn down to a lower, comfortable setting.

Up to 25,000 BTU's • Certified to heater standards

• Clean, contemporary design

• Fuel saving electronic ignition with battery back up and built-in adjustable flame/heat control

• 35 1/4" w x 20" d x 41" h

• 4" x 7" direct top venting

• Realistic PHAZER® log set, rich in colour and detail, provides a real wood log appearance

• Advanced burner technology with glowing ember bed, produces the most realistic flames in the industry

• Convenient, pivoting, heat resistant glass door radiates heat back into the room

• Optional Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels echo flames throughout the firebox

• Optional decorative Sandstone brick panels

• Optional faceplate with operable safety screen doors (with 3/4" depth adjustment for facing material)

• Optional decorative andirons in traditional painted black

• Optional on/off or thermostatic remote control

• Optional heat circulating blower

• Optional hot air distribution kit

• Certified for bedrooms, bathrooms, bed sitting rooms and mobile homes

The modern 30" design has the "plug n play" convenience for homeowners that are limited with venting options.

Napoleon Electric Fireplace

EF30 Clean Face Electric


A new clean face electric fireplace that looks great in both a mantel or drywall installation. The modern 30" design has the "plug n play" convenience for homeowners that are limited with venting options. The superior flame image and natural looking log set truly reflects the appearance of a real burning fire. Tinted reflective panels give the illusion of a deeper, larger firebox. The three stage heater and WHISPER QUIET™ fan provides a comfortable, warm environment, controlled with the convenient remote control.

• 5000 BTU's/1500 Watts

• Easy installation... simply plug it in and enjoy

• 30" w x 11 1/2" d x 33 1/2" h

• Offers an open view of the fire with it's luxurious pewter finish and modern frame design

• Realistic burning log appearance

• Tinted reflective panels give the illusion of a deeper, larger firebox

• Adjustable ember bed and flame control

• 3 stage WHISPER QUIET™ fan and heater with thermostatic control keeps your comfort level exactly where you want it.

• Easy access on/off switch

• Comes complete with a convenient remote that controls both flame (7 adjustments) and three stage heater outputs

• Perfect for any room in the house


Napoleon NZ3000 Fireplace

Napoleon's new EPA NZ3000 wood burning fireplace is the newest edition to the powerful High Country™ Series. The EPA NZ3000 offers the same superior construction as Napoleon's NZ6000, but in a mid-sized firebox with advanced EPA technology. The ultra high efficiencies allow for easily sustained overnight burns. Only Napoleon® offers wood burning fireplaces built to these high quality standards.

• Rugged, heavy steel firebox construction • Fully lined refractory firebox with stainless steel secondary air chamber, completing the combustion process • Indoor or outdoor combustion air with 1% to 100% mixing control • Napoleon's advanced EPA wood burning technology allows long, overnight burns • Super low burn rate feature for extended overnight burns • Heat radiating ceramic glass • Andirons come standard with the unit • Easy slide air control lever • Optional powerful remote blower offers superior heat output • Optional central heating system comes complete with blower, clamps, bracket, automatic damper assembly, wall mounting bracket for variable speed switch, and 120 volt wall thermostat • Safety door switch, super low burn override switch and heat activated thermal switch for optional blower are pre-installed • 7" flue chimney allows economical installation • Hand-crafted wrought iron faceplate with keystone and arched double door kit available • Optional painted black arched screen kit allows you to enjoy an open fire atmosphere • Two piece removable baffle for easy access for chimney cleaning and maintenance • Steel template is included with the unit to ensure proper fit for facing material • Convenient lift handles make it easy to transport the unit • Unit will fit through a standard 30" doorway

GSST8 Outdoor Gas Torch

Napoleon Torch Fireplace


Napoleon's new Outdoor Torch gas fireplace leads the way for innovative style and technology.

Napoleon's innovative LHD50 offers homeowners a custom designer fireplace without the "custom" price. LHD50 Linear Gas Direct Vent Fireplace

Napoleon LHD50 Fireplace


Napoleon's innovative LHD50 offers homeowners a custom designer fireplace without the 'custom' price. The long, narrow firebox provides a room with a modern centerpiece design and a comforting warm glow that adds the finishing touch to the perfect setting. The LHD50 comes standard with an exclusive CRYSTALINE™ glass ember bed. You may also opt for River Rocks or Coloured Glass to customize your fireplace design even further. Another unique feature of the LHD50 is that you can choose between a one-sided or see-thru model. The see-thru model allows you to enjoy this luxurious fireplace from two separate rooms.

• Up to 25,000 BTU's with adjustable flame/heat control for maximum comfort and efficiency • Full 48" linear viewing area with contemporary design • Fuel saving electronic ignition with battery back up • Available as a see-thru or a one-sided unit • Heat radiating ceramic glass • CRYSTALINE™ glass ember bed comes standard • Optional River Rock or Coloured Glass (black, blue, red, amber) ember beds are available • Optional media enhancement kits (stones, twigs, GEO shapes and coloured glass) can be added to any of the ember bed choices • Linear burner gives a uniform flame pattern • Optional curved, prism shaped Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels • Optional CRYSTALITES™ (lights that accent from underneath the ember bed) • Optional ergonomic remote control • Optional contemporary designer surrounds are available • Perfect for residential or commercial applications • Certified for bedrooms, bathrooms, bed sitting rooms and mobile homes

Bellows - a popular accessory to help boost combustion in wood fires, feeding air to the flames as it is forced out of an expandable bladder. Though unnecessary for a gas hearth where the combustion level is easily controlled with the turn of a knob, bellows' lovely finish in attractive blends of fine woods with vinyl or leather makes them a decorative accessory.BTUs - British Thermal Unit, the primary heat measurement unit used by the hearth industry. It is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 lb. of water by 1 degree F.Catalytic Combustor - a device used on some wood stoves to increase combustion efficiency by lowering flue gas ignition temperatures.Clearance - the distance required by manufacturers and building codes between stove, connector pipe or chimney and any combustible materials.Creosote - deposits of condensed wood smoke in the chimney and connector pipe resulting from incomplete combustion. It can ignite and cause a chimney fire.Direct Vent - an appliance with a sealed, specifically designed venting system, that draws combustion air from outdoors and exhausts its combustion products to the outdoors, eliminating the need for a standard chimney system. A glass panel in direct vent units is critical to keeping the combustion system sealed from the home.Emissions - unburned gases and particles as a result of incomplete combustion.EPA Regulations - government regulations of wood-burning appliances mandating that products sold after July 1, 1992, emit no more than 4.1 grams of particulate matter per hour for catalytic-equipped units and no more than 7.5 grams for non-catalytic-equipped units.Firebacks - protect fireplace masonry and mortar, shielding them from extreme heat of the flames. Cast-iron firebacks store heat from the fire and radiate it into the room after the fire has died down. Firebacks work just as well in a modern gas fireplace as they do in a traditional wood burning one.Fireplace Inserts - heating units that retrofit into an existing fireplace (masonry or factory-built). They burn wood, gas or wood pellets and offer superior efficiency.Flue - the passageway in a chimney for conveying gases to the outdoors.Freestanding Stove - a heating appliance normally on legs or a pedestal.Gas Logs - an open flame appliance with ceramic or ceramic fiber logs placed over a burner to provide dramatic realism of a traditional flame. Manufactured log sets have a burner that uses either natural gas or propane.Glass Doors - doors attached to a fireplace to close off the opening of the hearth from the home to prevent heat from escaping up the chimney and prevent cold air from entering the home when the fireplace is not being used.Grate - a metal frame used to hold and contain burning fuel in a fireplace.Hearth - traditionally refers to the floor of a fireplace on which a blaze is built. Today it is also used to refer to all the devices and equipment used in connection with the fireplace and the stove industry.Heat Shield - a noncombustible protector used around appliances, smoke pipes or chimneys to protect combustibles from heat sources.Hopper - a container attached to an appliance in which fuel, either coal, nuggets or wood pellets, is stored and from which the fuel is fed to the burner.Island Fireplace - a fireplace that has four sides of glass, for viewing from any angle.Kindling - thin, dry wood used to start a fire.Liquid Propane - liquefied petroleum gas, available in cylinders, for home use.Mantle - an ornamental facing surrounding the fireplace or simply a shelf above a fireplace.Metal Liner - used primarily with fireplace inserts and placed inside an existing chimney (usually masonry) to reduce the diameter of the flue for more rapid exit of smoke and combustion gases. Also used when an existing chimney is unlimited or deteriorating.Natural draft (B-vent) Appliances - a gas-burning appliance that takes in combustion air from the home and vents byproducts of combustion outside the home.Natural Gas - clean-burning fossil fuel transported to homes via an extensive pipeline network.Pellets - are made of 100% compressed wood sawdust with no additives. A renewable fuel source made from sawdust or wood chips otherwise destined for landfills.Peninsula Fireplace - a fireplace that has three sides of glass.Seasoned - refers to cordwood that has been allowed to dry before burning. Seasoning generally takes six to 12 months. Wood burns much more efficiently when its moisture content has been reduced.Unvented or Vent-Free Appliance - an appliance that draws combustion air from inside the home. The appliance is designed to burn so efficiently that it eliminates the need for venting.Zero-Clearance Fireplace - a factory-built fireplace that is constructed so that it can be placed, safely, with close clearances to combustible materials.

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