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Gas Products

Home-Flex® Stainless Steel Gas Appliance Connectors are manufactured from high -tensile-strength stainless steel. Stainless steel is especially useful in area where the natural gas has a high sulfur content.

Gas fireplacesare easier to maintain than traditional wood burning fireplaces. There are no ashes or other types of deposits, like creosote to have to clean up after using the fireplace. Starting a fire is also easier with gas units and in most cases, you just flip a switch and the fireplace ignites.

Most modern homes with gas appliances and fireplaces will be connected with CSST gas line. This type of gas pipe is has flexible stainless steel tubing, which is coated with a layer of PVC plastic. Unlike traditional solid steel gas pipes, this type of gas line can be ran in longer sections, which means it costs less to install.

CSST Gas Line Can Be Used for New Connections in Older Homes

CSST gas line, which is available on our website, here at New Energy Distributing, can be used in older homes which have solid steel gas pipes when you need to connect a new gas appliance, fireplace or stove. You just need to find an area of your current gas pipe where you can tee the new line into the system. You should use a solid steel tee with your existing gas pipe, and then connect the flexible gas line to the new connection.

Solid steel gas pipes are only a short length and often involve working with different elbows. You have to securely connect each section of the solid steel gas pipe together with the next section. Once the entire line has been run, then you have to check each joint for possible gas leaks. An easier option is to use flexible gas pipe, which is less expensive and easier to work with, than solid steel gas pipes.

Determining the Length of Flexible Gas Pipe You Require

To determine the length of flexible gas pipe, which is available on our website, here at New Energy Distributing, you will need to take some measurements. You can split a gas line at any point, by installing a tee. You will want to measure from under the home or in the basement, from the where you will install the tee, to under where the appliance will be located. Using this measurement, you will want to add additional length for running it through the floor, as well as having sufficient length to connect to the appliance.

When you want Napoleon stovesfor your home, you will be able to choose from both wood burning and gas models.

When you are connecting flexible gas pipeto your different gas appliances, you will need to figure out what type of connectors you require. There are both male and female adapters available, as well as brass tees when you need to split the gas line. Male adapters are threaded and allow a section of gas pipe with a female adapter to be screwed together.

Flexible Gas Pipe Comes in Different Size Diameters and Lengths

Flexible gas pipe comes in different lengths as well as different size diameters, including 3/8 inch, ½ inch, ¾ inch and 1 inch. When selecting gas pipe, choose the size that will work best with your gas appliance, fireplace or stove. You will also need to purchase adapters in the same size so that they will fit correctly onto the ends of the gas pipe. You will find flexible CSS gas pipe available on our website in a variety of lengths and sizes, here at New Energy Distributing

When you get a brand new gas fireplace or gas stove, you will need to connect it to the natural gas line which comes into your house. If you do not already have a natural gas line connection, you will need to contact your local utility company and ask them to connect your home to the gas line of the utility company. Once this is done, you will then need to run your own gas pipe throughout your home and can choose between rigid steel gas pipe and flexible CSST gas line.

General Contractors Prefer Using Flexible CSST Gas Line

General contractors prefer using CSST gas line, which is available on our website, here at New Energy Distributing, over solid steel gas pipe for several reasons. First CSST line is flexible, which makes working around corners easy and simple. Next, this flexible gas line comes in long sections rather than small pieces. Since the gas line can be run in longer sections, it requires fewer connections. Using fewer connections means you will spend less money on running a gas line in your home.

Duraventmakes all types of gas fireplace and stove venting kits for use with your installation. Depending upon the model of gas stove or fireplace, you may only require a direct vent be installed on the exterior wall of your home. When the installation is in the interior of the home, you will need to run a chimney either to an exterior wall or out through your roof.

Get Duravent Products at the Same Time You Get Your Gas Fireplace

When you purchase a brand new gas stove or fireplace, you will want to make sure you also purchase all of your Duravent venting and piping needs at the same time. You can get assistance from us, here at New Energy Distributing when you need further help in getting everything you require for your new gas appliance. You can call us toll free, or click on our online chat feature and we will assist you into finding the right piping and venting.

When you run flexible gas pipefrom your main natural gas line you will need different types of connectors, tees and adapters. Tees are required when you are running the gas pipe to multiple appliances in the same general location. Rather than having to run two individual gas lines from the main pipe, you can use a tee to split the gas line and then run that section to each individual appliance.

Still Take Precautions When Working with Flexible Gas Pipe

Working with flexible gas pipe, like available from us, here at New Energy Distributing, you will find it is much easier to use than traditional iron gas pipe. Even though installing this type of gas line is simpler, you still need to take precautions when working with natural gas. After connecting your gas appliances, you can use a few drops of dish soap around the connector, turn the gas line on and watch for any soap bubbles. Soap bubbles indicate that there is a gas leak.

When you are installing a new gas fireplace or stove, you will need to run a natural gas line to the unit. You have two options available for running the gas line and can choose from solid iron pipe and CSST gas line. Solid iron pipe can only be run in short sections and requires numerous connections. This type of gas line is rigid and can make working around corners and certain angles difficult. CSST flexible gas line, on the other hand is less expensive to install as it can be ran longer distances and easily goes around corners.

Stop Using Propane on Your Gas Grill with CSST Gas Line. Switch to Natural Gas.

You will find that you can use CSST gas line not only for your gas fireplace or stove, but also for all of your gas appliances in your home. You can make a permanent connection to your outdoor gas grill and eliminate the need to purchase propane tanks. You will find this type of flexible gas line available here at New Energy Distributing, along with other quality hearth products for your entire home.

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