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Archive for October 2011

A natural gas fireplace is like a magnet in most homes - they encourage people to gather because they are warm and comforting. This is especially true when the temperatures begin to drop outside. Be aware of the potential so that the entire family can spend time together safely.

Never use your natural gas fireplace if the glass panel is removed, cracked or broken. Don't try to replace the panel by yourself, hire a licensed technician instead.

When the weather outside is frightful, you want the fire in your fireplace to be delightful. That means getting the fireplace ready for the season.

Posted on Oct 19 2011 by Tristan Roberts 

Nobody speaks of this contest but everybody knows who’s winning. It’s how we get out the competitive impulse in rural Vermont: we race to have the neatest woodpile. Admit it: even as you’re reading this, saying “that’s not me,” you’re mentally comparing your woodpile with the neighbor’s.

For many homeowners, fireplaces have become the nice china of home features: dusted off only for special occasions.

Recently released U.S. Census figures show the number of households heating with wood grew 34 percent between 2000 and 2010, faster than any other heating fuel. Electricity showed the second fastest growth, with a 24 percent increase over the past decade.

Historically, heating technology was pretty simple: mankind huddled around a basic campfire to stay warm and cook dinner. 

The first fall chill usually prompts homeowners with fireplaces to light a fire. It's sometimes followed by a knock at the door from a helpful chimney repairman, offering a safety inspection.

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