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Archive for November 2011

When you have a direct vent fireplace installed into your home, there is no need to install a chimney or have an existing chimney. This allows you to install a direct vent fireplace into almost any room of your house to add aesthetic appeal as well as an alternative heating source.

There are many advantages of installing gas fireplacesover traditional wood burning fireplaces. One advantage is that gas fireplaces are cleaner burning and do not release particles in the air.

During the colder months of the year, you can use Napoleon Wood Stoves to provide heating for the rooms in your home. You can install wood stoves in any room you desire and do not have to be limited to living room alone. Modern wood stoves are available in a variety of sizes. Wood is a renewable energy source which provides a more efficient way to heat the home and reduces your reliance on electric and gas heating.

Napoleon Wood Stoves are Energy Efficient

When selecting Napoleon wood stoves you will want to determine where you want to place the wood stoves in your home. Some styles will need to be placed away from the wall due to the amount of heat they give off. There are some models available which only need to have about 8 inches of clearance from the wall. All modern wood stoves are energy efficient with high heating efficiencies. You can find all your home hearth needs, including wood stoves when you shop at New Energy Distributing.

For those that love to entertain and cook outside, a built in gas grillis a crucial part of an outdoor kitchen. Many built in gas grills offer more cooking space than portable grills and optional accessories such as a rotisserie kit, an optional side burner, a smoker box and more. Some outdoor gas grills offer you the option of choosing between natural gas and propane. For those who tend to do their cooking and entertaining in the evening, purchase a gas grill with a built in grill light.

Choosing to add a gas or wood stove to your home can provide an alternative cooking source which also provides heat. You can choose between different models of Napoleon stoves which offer classic looking cast iron wood stoves as well as more modern gas stoves with direct vents. Direct vent gas stove only require a chimney to be run to the exterior wall of the home and do not require a chimney be ran the entire length of the house or other the roof.

Napoleon Stoves for Your Entire Home

You can use Napoleon stoves throughout your entire home and place wood or gas burning stoves in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. You can even place a stove in your existing fireplace opening to create a truly rustic appearance. Stoves which offer a flattop surface can be used to boil water to add humidity to the home in cold dry winter months, or even cooked onto of to prepare meals. You can find a selection of Napoleon brand products when you shop at New Energy Distributing.

Installing a gas appliance, gas stove or gas fireplace will require that you run a gas line to the unit. However, when you need to work around sharp corners or obtuse angels, you many need to use flexible gas pipe instead. Flexible pipe can be connected to solid piece gas pipes through the threading, but offer a flexible metal tube which can be bent and moved easily to reach the connection on your gas device.

Flexible Gas Pipe Kits for All Your Gas Appliances

There are different types of flexible gas pipe kits available which will work for multiple types of appliances and products. You can use this type kit for hot water heaters, dryers, furnaces, stove, fireplaces, grills or any other type of gas appliance you need to connect. Before ordering a gas pipe kit, you need to measure the distance from your central gas line to the appliance to make sure you get enough pipe for the project. You can obtain a flexible pipe kit as well as other gas pipe suppliers from New Energy Distributing, which offers quality hearth products for the home.

When installing a gas fireplace or stove in your home you will want to place the unit in an area where it can be properly vented. Unlike traditional wood burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces can be vented out of the side of an exterior wall and do not require a chimney to be run out through the roof. You can use an existing chimney when replacing wood burning fireplaces and stove with gas units, but should install new Duravent gas vent pipe for proper ventilation.

Duravent Chimney Pipe for Wood Burning Stoves and Fireplaces

You can find all your venting needs available from New Energy Distributing, which carries quality hearth products for the entire home.

Corrugated stainless steel tubing or CSST gas line is an alternative method for running gas supplies to your gas appliances, fireplaces and stoves. You can use this type of gas line in place of traditional black iron solid gas pipes. CSST lines can be run longer because they need fewer threaded connections, and none of the complicated equipment needed for solid gas pipes. CSST lines consist of a stainless steel line, wrapped in a PVC plastic, which provides flexibility to be easily bent and used in awkward areas.

CSST Gas Line Provides Easy Additions at Anytime

CSST gas line comes in different lengths which allow you to obtain enough corrugated stainless steel tubing for your entire home. Since the gas line is not solid, it can offer the ability to run additional gas lines from a main line to all your appliances and gas products in the home. This type of piping also allows you to add additional gas products in the future by simply cutting and adding in a gas line tee to run additional new line. You can find this flexible gas pipe from New Energy Distributing.

A fireplace is the centerpiece of any room and home. It provides a place for family and friends to gather to tell stories, catch up, and warm up on cold nights.

There are different colors of metal chimney pipe available with black stove pipe being popular for connecting wood stoves to a chimney. Another style that people use is stainless steel pipes which can be used on fireplaces and wood stoves. When it comes to selecting the type of pipe you desire, you should always use the same manufacturer for the entire chimney to ensure all pieces will be compatible and connect together correctly.

Chimney Pipe for Your New Chimney

When needing to add a chimney to your home for your fireplace or wood stove, you should consider placing the chimney in the interior of the home and away from the outside walls. Placing the chimney in the interior will retain more heat than when placing the chimney along an exterior wall. You can obtain all the chimney pipe you need for your chimney from New Energy Distributing, which carries quality hearth products for the entire home.

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