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Archive for March 2011

A trend toward creating outdoor rooms has dramatically increased lighting options for homeowners who want to extend their time outside. Most indoor lighting fixtures now have a counterpart designed for patios or decks. More

If the pinks, greens and blues of early spring blooms have nothing on the colors of the mold on your grill, here are some tips on babying that barbecue back into shape. More

When a man has been cooking pork outdoors for 45 years, he knows his barbecue. But Dan Bradshaw of Montgomery, Ala., will set you straight when it comes to one subject: Grilling is one thing. Slow-cooking pork in an offset-wood smoker, his specialty, is something altogether different. More

Outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas are becoming a trend, and in the home building process plans for including these items need to be made well in advance so that the appropriate gas, water and electrical requirements can be met for installation. More

National home and gardening experts predict integrating outdoor living into daily life will continue to grow in popularity, especially if the staycations induced by the sluggish economy remain popular. More

After months of cold, snowy weather, spring is finally just around the corner, and summer will be here before you know it. Nothing beats the winter blahs like thinking about backyard retreats and outdoor living spaces. Establishing an outdoor living area or open-air room creates additional space to relax and entertain. More

Whether it's used as a supplementary heat source, a piece of decor or a fire to curl up in front of, a stove can be a great alternative for those who don't have the space or the desire to own a fireplace. Stoves are much the same as fireplaces in most respects, except for the fact they are free-standing. Stoves also don't require the same installation and space concerns that fireplaces do. Space is the biggest reason many opt for a stove over a fireplace, says Mr. Fireplace sales manager Dave Cripps. More

Now that the weather is turning cold, many homeowners may be ready to light up their fireplaces. But before striking the match, there are some safety tips they need to know. More

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