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Archive for April 2010

If you are thinking about adding doors to your Marco fireplace, we can help. We have the OEM doors and they can be easily installed by the homeowner in about 15 minutes.

Doors on your fireplace will dramatically increase the efficiency of your unit and will stop heat loss up the chimney when the fireplace is not in use.

Please visit our web site for door options and instructions for installing your Marco doors.

A fireplace is meant to be the centerpiece of your living space, the heart of your home. Sometimes, however, this focal point is less than impressive and more than lacking in the drama factor. If your fireplace is bland, plain or simply unattractive, a quick color change can do wonders. The secret is using multiple coats to build up depth and create a faux finish, rather than just painting on one flat color.

You will need three complimentary colors for this project in progressively darker shades. Natural stone and earthy colors, such as grays and browns, are ideal. A quart of each color will be more than enough to complete your fireplace. Flat exterior paint works best, providing better resistance and more clemency for the hot environment of the fireplace surround than interior glossy paint.

First, choose a color for your base coat. This should be the lightest color of the three. For instance, if you are going for a stone look, choose a medium gray.

The next color will be used for ragging over the top of your base. This color should be several shades darker than the base color and will provide dimension to your finish.

Finally, choose an accent color. This color will be used in moderation, to highlight and further enhance the finish. It can be a varying color from the first two, as long as it is natural and complimentary.

Begin by protecting all surfaces you don't wish to be painted with drop cloths and painters tape. Apply an even coat of your base color with a paint roller or large paintbrush. A second coat may be needed, depending on the surface and color being painted.

Once the base has completely dried, you can begin applying the next color. Working in one small area (for instance, if your fireplace is brick, do one brick at a time), daub several uneven streaks of paint on the surface. Using a rag, rub the paint, spreading it and pulling it randomly. Continue with another small area until the entire fireplace is complete. A spray bottle of water can be used to dilute the paint while you're working, making it easier to spread and thinning out some areas, creating a more authentic look.

After you have ragged the fireplace to your satisfaction, use the third color to highlight some crevices, corners and other key areas (It is not necessary to rag this color on the entire fireplace). Use the same technique with the rag and spray bottle to soften the edges of the paint.

In addition to painting, you can enhance the look of your fireplace with a few tiles, appliqués, onlays or other architectural elements. In no time and with just a little paint and a few decorative touches, it can be simple to change a plain, ordinary fireplace into a showstopper.

Many will be firing up the grill this weekend for a little backyard cookout. But before you do, officials with the Columbia Fire Department (S.C.) want to share some safety tips to make sure your cookout isn't memorable for the wrong reasons. More

Kent Reporter columnist, Todd Nuttman, writes "Spring has officially sprung, the birds are chirping, the moles have returned to form their own underground condo and my thoughts are preoccupied with baseball, golf and barbecue. I love to grill. It's been passed down from my father to me, the love of taking some decent steaks, juicy chicken and burgers to new heights of taste." More

Let us give thanks for the rain but please, enough already! We think it's high time for barbecues and restful Saturday afternoons listening to baseball on the radio. But before this scene becomes reality, a little work is in order. Plants need to be trimmed, decks need to be cleaned and gas grills need to be readied. More

Wall-mounted fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among homeowners looking to adopt a more sleek and modern look in their living rooms and bedrooms. "It's more and more of a trend," says Frank Hendsbee, manager of The Hearth Store. "It's a rectangular European design. A lot of homeowners have gone to the flat-screen TVs and the size of the wall-mounted fireplaces is fitting into people's decor."

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People have gone grill crazy. National holidays such as the Fourth of July and Labor Day have long brought out the flame-lover in folks, but overall, Americans are grilling more than ever year-round. While 54 percent say they're grilling as frequently as one year ago, 29 percent say they are grilling more often. More

More Attleboro, Mass., area residents will be heating their homes with wood pellets, coal and fireplaces next winter than anytime in the recent past, as they seek alternatives to skyrocketing fuel oil and natural gas costs. More

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