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A fireplace can add both visual and decorative warmth to any room. However, all wood burning fireplaces require some air to escape up the chimney. Outside air kits can help with this but they do not totally eliminate the fact that some heated air from your home will escape up the chimney. Of course that loss of heated air increases energy cost for the home as it takes more energy to raise the room temperature to the desired setting.


HERE’S one for the annals of homeowner negligence: as of last month, my chimney had gone eight full years without being inspected, much less cleaned. For all I knew, a few generations of squirrels had summered in my bricks before fleeing at the first scent of smoke.

By: Kiera Butler

It's no secret that fireplaces and woodstoves—wonderful and cozy though they may be—are not great for the environment. The smoke that they produce is full of harmful particles, including, according to the EPA, volatile organic compounds and the likely carcinogen benzo(a)pyrene. Smoke can foul up the air both inside and out, and exposure to the stuff can cause serious respiratory problems.

Here are 10 Questions to Ask when You’re Getting Your Chimney Cleaned from

There’s a little chill in the air overnight and in the early mornings, and the first official day of Fall is Saturday.That means Mainers are starting to use their wood stoves and fireplaces.

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An annual chimney inspection is important to ensure proper safety. While these inspections will highlight your biggest problems areas, damage and fire hazards can show up throughout the year. It's a good idea to keep an eye on these important problem areas throughout the year. If any signs of damage appear, contact your chimney professional for a midyear inspection.

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No matter what sort of chimney lining you have, in time it will need to be maintained or relined. Understanding the three major types of chimney liners will help you discuss with a trusted professional the best way to line your chimney and keep your home safe and sound.

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Chimney liners are a vital element in the operation of your fireplace or wood stove. And when the liner has deteriorated, cracked or aged beyond its limit you have a choice of materials for the replacement chimney liner. Clay tile is a traditional choice for the liner, although you can also choose cement or aluminum. Stainless steel chimney linersare a popular and durable choice that delivers various benefits.

Chimney liners are just one portion of installing a chimney for your wood burning stove or fireplace. The liner is an important piece which should be properly insulated to help create a better draft.

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