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To ensure a smooth ignition, when the valve first opens after turning on the main burner, no more than four (4) seconds should expire before the burner has completely lit off. Although problems with delayed ignition are most likely to occur with propane (because it is heavier than air), it can still affect natural gas appliances.

Trouble Shooting Main Burner Outage on a Gas Fireplace or Stove

1. Ensure that main burner goes out on its own and pilot light remains lit. If pilot goes out as well, refer to 'Pilot Flame Outage'.

1. Check if pilot flame goes out on its own or when main burner is on.

If your fireplace firebrick is cracked or broken, you should replace the refractory brick before continuing the use the fireplace. Universal firebrick from Hargroveoffers a simple and inexpensive method of replacing the fireplace firebrick.

It will be necessary to clean the glass window periodically. It is recommended that the window be cleaned at least 2 or 3 times per season with Gas Fireplace Glass Cleaner, following the manufacturer's instructions. This is a special window cleaner (there are many different manufacturers) that polishes the surface and leaves a protective coating behind.

It is normal for a gas fireplace to give off some odor the first time it is burned. This is due to the curing of paint, adhesives and the burning off of oils necessary for the manufacturing process.

Some conditions can guarantee the production of soot. In most cases incomplete combustion starts with the inappropriate adjustment and setup of the appliance. However, several factors must be considered when attempting to diagnose a sooting fireplace condition. Remember that two or more of these factors could be involved.

· Is the log placement correct?

· Proper primary air adjustment for each burner

· Excessive ember material

· Improper placement of the lava rock

· Is the fireplace over or under fired?

· Direct venting not properly sealed or blocked

· Direct vent gasket Leaking flue gas

· Atmospheric effects on B-vent and insert models

· Improper orifice alignment

· Valve and orifices not matched with fuel type

Low Flame - too much primary air.

Close down the air shutter in small increments, replacing the window and letting fireplace operate for at least 10 minutes after each adjustment.

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