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Pilot Flame Outage

1. Check if pilot flame goes out on its own or when main burner is on.

2. Check pilot flame for proper characteristics (should be blue and not wavering, lifting or blowing) and impingement on thermopile and thermocouple (top 3/8" in pilot flame).

3. Re-check pilot flame with main burner on and then all other gas appliances on to ensure properly sized gas line (check inlet pressure if possible).

4. Check to make sure pilot shield is on and pilot assembly is tight against the burner.

5. Ensure that area where pilot components pass thru burner tray on Direct Vent is sealed with gasket or silicone.

6. On SIT 820 (RN) valve, check that blue safety magnet wire is making good contact with thermocouple and insulator is in place, make sure thermocouple is tight in valve (hand tight plus % turn).

7. Check thermocouple for physical damage to make sure there are no overly sharp bends, burnt out tips.

8. Check thermocouple ? open circuit, closed circuit and drop out.

9. For fireplaces with a Vent Safety Switch (VSS):· Check vent diameter and height.· Check for signs and causes of negative pressure.· Check all electrical connections and make sure no wires or connectors are shorting.· On inserts, make sure that the enclosure for the fireplace is large enough and that air circulation slots on trim sides are present and not covered up.

10. For fireplaces with Mercury Flame Sensor: Check operation of sensor - normally open switch should close with heat (pilot flame) - should not make 'pinging' sound. Check thermopile output and ensure all connections are tight.

11. For fireplaces with Honeywell Comfort Control Systems: Check thermopile output - minimum 500 mVDC each - use highest output on front terminals. Check thermopile for shorting (put Leads on metal surface one at a time and check for grounding) - also move wires where they go into thermopile body while checking output.

12. For fireplaces with electronic ignition: Main Burner Outage Check ground wire for continuity - there must be a good ground Make sure flame covers flame sensor.

13. For fireplaces with an ODs, make sure pilot assembly is clean.

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