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Archive for January 2012

There are several different types of chimney linersavailable for you to choose from when relining your chimney. You will find with older homes and older chimneys that you may or may not have a clay liner. Clay liners are the hardest to replace as you have to tear down the existing brick facing on the chimney to get to the liner. When clay liners crack and break, you can use a stainless steel rigid or flexible liner which fits inside the chimney and is easier to install.

You Have Two Different Options of Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

Relining your chimney is easiest when you choose a stainless steel liner, like those available here at New Energy Distributing. Chimney liners made out of stainless steel offer you two distinct options of being flexible or rigid. Rigid liners have smooth walls but have to be assembled in sections as you install it, which can be an issue for rather large chimneys. Flexible liners come as a single piece and slide into the entire length of the chimney, making them the easiest to install.

When you are shopping for a new fireplace for your home, you will be presented with many different types and styles. One type available is a direct vent fireplacewhich uses natural or propane gas to create heat and flames.

When you purchase a brand new gas fireplace, you will need to also purchase other items. You will need to get gas vents, piping, chimney liners, termination caps and other products required for installing your gas fireplace.

There are different components and materials which make up the chimney for your gas or wood burning fireplace or stove. Traditional chimneys along the exterior wall of the home are often built out of brick and may or may not have a clay liner. You can get a stainless steel chimney liner when you need a replacement. You can even run chimney pipeinside your existing chimney when you add a fireplace insert or convert the fireplace to a wood stove or gas burning unit.

Chimney Pipe Can Be Used for an Interior Style Chimney

Should you be adding a fireplace to your home and do not already have a chimney, you should look at placing the fireplace in the interior of the home. Modern designs allow for a chimney to be run through the interior of the home using stainless steel chimney pipe, which results in a more efficient burning and heating system. Here at New Energy Distributing we carry all the items you need for venting as well as fireplaces, stoves and other hearth products and accessories.

When you like the current style and design of your fireplace, but are tired of its inefficiency to properly heat your home, then you should look at getting a wood stove insert.

NORTH BROOKFIELD, Mass. — When David Harris built his 2,000-square-foot hilltop home nine years ago, he wanted to put in natural gas, but the utility wouldn’t run a line to his house. Like many people here, he was stuck using heating oil.

A relentless decade-long campaign by a Canadian pediatrician is about to change North American safety standards to protect children from scorching their skin on glass fireplace doors.

In October, 45 degrees feels like a reason to start a fire in the woodstove. Less so in January, when 45 degrees feels unseasonably mild.

Like anything else built into the structure of a home, a fireplace can become dull-looking and outdated over time, particularly when it's in a room with modern decor.

In colonial times, Americans stayed warm indoors by burning wood.

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