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Archive for August 2009

For the better part of the last half-century, fireplaces were reserved for a home's living room or family room. The need for a masonry footing, stone hearth and roof-clearing brick chimney all but guaranteed it.

Warming your house can be quite expensive, especially for people who live up north. Traditional electric-powered heaters and air conditioning systems can cost an arm and a leg to install and continue to cost a lot to run. Though, there is an alternative method that is a cheaper and more ecologically sound at providing heat for homes. Pellet stoves are the answer; they heat homes efficiently for little to no cost.

These stoves take small pellets that are produced from recycled chunks of wood, or pellets. Also, some of these stoves can take wood shavings and at times, corn for burning. The pellets are placed inside the stove, most of the time, towards the center, and are heated to produce a fire that can burn for more hours than most logs. In addition, log capable pellet stoves are available to display a natural wood-burning fire for people who like fireplaces.

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