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Main Burner Outage

Trouble Shooting Main Burner Outage on a Gas Fireplace or Stove

1. Ensure that main burner goes out on its own and pilot light remains lit. If pilot goes out as well, refer to 'Pilot Flame Outage'.

2. Ensure all electrical connections are tight.

3. On RN/RP valves, jumper across TH and TP/TH terminals on the valve. If the burner lights off, jumper the terminals on the control switch. If the main burner lights off, replace the switch, if it doesn't, replace the wire with the proper gauge.

4. Remove the window and disconnect the thermopile from the TP and TP/TH terminals at the valve. Leaving the old thermopile in the pilot assembly, attach a new thermopile to the valve and hold the top 3/8" of the tip in pilot flame for 45 seconds. Turn on the control switch and if the burner lights off, correctly replace the thermopile.

5. Check open circuit and closed circuit readings on the thermopile to determine whether the problem is the thermopile or valve. Confirm proper operation of thermopile with short to ground test before proceeding.

6 Check the resistance of the valve main operator on RN/RP models. Ohms readings across the TH and TP terminals should be as follows:

Honeywell 3.1 to 3.6 ohms

SIT820 1.75 to 2.75 ohms

Valves with readings outside of these values should be replaced.

7. Check the resistance of the control circuit. Readings through the switch and wiring should not be above 1.7 ohms. If they are, take steps to lower the resistance (check wire gauge and replace with proper gauge, replace switch).


For Direct Vent fireplaces:

8. Remove the window and check the flame with the door off. If it burns properly, then you need to examine the venting for the problem. Check the termination to ensure the correct one is installed (TTDVRVT on rear vented fireplaces only). Check for obstructions at the termination (snow, vegetation, construction debris). Check for recirculation of flue products at the termination. Remove the termination and ensure that horizontal pipe is level using a small torpedo level. If the fireplace has a bay window, ensure the flat pane window has not been removed.

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