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Home-Flex® Stainless Steel Gas Appliance Connectors are manufactured from high -tensile-strength stainless steel. Stainless steel is especially useful in area where the natural gas has a high sulfur content.


AUSTIN, TEXAS — A century ago, rural homes in the United States and Europe commonly relied on wood for heating. Now wood is making a comeback, thanks largely to pellet technology.

If your fireplace firebrick is cracked or broken, you should replace the refractory brick before continuing the use the fireplace. Universal firebrick from Hargrove offers a simple and inexpensive method of replacing the fireplace firebrick.

Casual use open burning fireplaces are not efficient and require frequent fire tending.  The oversize fireplace flue sweeps the firebox heat up the flue. Even worse, the draft of the fireplace gathers up the heated room air as well.  A few hours of casual fireplace use can force your central heating system to work harder and cost you money!

Maryland to Give Rebates for Wood & Pellet Stoves

When purchasing a wood stove, it is important that you choose the appropriate size stove for your home. Most Wood Stoves will have a BTU rating which is the factor you will use to determine the proper size for your wood stove.

Have you ever wanted to have a fireplace you can take just about anywhere? With the new Bio Fuel Table Top Fireplace from Anywhere Fireplaces, that is now possible.

Lighting a fireplace, wood stove, campfire or bonfire can be a daunting task. Take all the work out of this process with our Burner Fire Starters.

Cast Iron Wood Stove

Cast Iron has been a popular choice in manufacturing wood stoves for many years. There are a number of advantages of using cast iron, some of those were even recognized many years ago when Ben Franklin built his first stoves.

Gas fireplaces are easier to maintain than traditional wood burning fireplaces. There are no ashes or other types of deposits, like creosote to have to clean up after using the fireplace. Starting a fire is also easier with gas units and in most cases, you just flip a switch and the fireplace ignites.

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