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Installing a pellet stove

Pellet stoves are a cost effective and attractive solution for supplementing the main source of heat in your home. Before purchasing a pellet stove, consider the best installation practices including existing chimney, esthetic factors, room size, exterior structures and of course proper clearance to any adjoining combustible materials. Where you locate your pellet stove in your home will be unique when compared to other homes. You should also check local and state building codes to make sure your installation with comply with all pertinent regulations. 

If you are installation a pellet stove, it is most likely being used to provide some heat and therefore should be placed as close the the area you wish to heat as possible. Keep in mind that pellet stoves are not approved for installation in bedrooms or sleeping areas of the home. Installing the pellet stove in the basement or lower area of the home is advisable as heat will rise into other areas of the home. Placing you stove near an exterior wall will aide in venting the stove.

Safety should always be your first consideration when purchasing and installation a pellet stove. You should refer to the pellet stove manual to obtain the proper clearances to combustibles for the stove you wish to purchase. Many pellet stove manufactures offer multiple models and many have different clearance requirements. It is absolutely imperative that you maintain the proper clearance to combustibles.

Also the pellet stove manual will furnish the information you need to properly vent the stove. Again, manufacturers will differ in their requirements for each stove and you should install the venting for the stove exactly as described in the manual for the stove you are purchasing. Additional consideration must be given to where the vent terminates. You want to assure that there is no build up of leaves that could block the vent or the air intake to the stove. 

Many homeowners with a degree of mechanical ability choose to install their pellet stove on their own. As long as you follow the installation instructions to the letter, you can have a safe installation. Online sellers like offer free technical assistance to make sure your installation goes smoothly and ends up being totally safe.

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