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Hot new ideas for the fireplace

Fall is here, leaves are turning, days are shorter, nights are longer and a little heat in the house feels pretty good. With most homes, one of the most important elements is the fireplace. The fireplace adds style and ambience like no other appliance in the home.

Today's fireplaces offer a plethora of creative options. The basic decision that has to be made is where the fireplace will be located and the type of fuel it will burn. Some of the decision on location will be based on the home structure and availability of gas (if gas is the selected fuel) and budget. Another important consideration is whether or not the fireplace will be used for heating some or most of the home. The basic decisions should be made before the search for a fireplace begins.

Some of the choices available today are electric which have fabulous flames and are quite easy to locate in the home. Bioethanol fireplaces are also a good choice when locating a wood burning or gas fireplace becomes very difficult.

Some simple steps that should be followed when planning your fireplace:

  • Location - think a little outside the box like the powder room, den, foyer in addition to more common locations such as kitchen, great room or living room.
  • Fuel Type - consider the fuel options with respect to the location you have chosen.
  • Find the best fireplace - Attend trade shows, visit local dealers and search online. Todays fireplaces offer a wide choice shapes including linear, vertical rectangle, square. You can also choose wall mount, table top, and built-in. There are also multi-sided units that can serve multiple rooms with just one fireplace. It is important to consider the size and shape of the fireplace as it relates to the room it will be installed in.
  • Sometimes when planning a fireplace being installed in an existing structure, it is good to use some painter's tape to outline the unit on the wall and floor. If you're building a new home, you architect and be a great asset in designing your fireplace. Also, many fireplace suppliers can provide assistance in choosing the right fireplace.

After you choose the type of fuel and the actual firebox, you will have many choices in decorative trims, logs, and other items to accessorize your new fireplace. Be creative, sometimes a mantel is esthetically pleasing and sometimes a clean look is desired.

Fireplaces have become a staple in today's homes. Spending a little extra time in your initial planning will assure you that the end result will be functional and esthetically pleasing.

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