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IHPJ3837 | Gas Valve | Vent Free Units | SIT NOVA | Lp

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Gas Valves DO NOT have return privileges.

NG Valve SKU is J3836

SIT Nova Gas Valve | vent free gas logs and gas fireplaces

Compatible with ODS pilot systems on vent free fireplaces, stoves and gas logs.

Vent free valve is same as SIT 820.643 for Ng. Output of 3.5" w.c.

Vent free valve is same as SIT 820.642 for Lp. Output of 8" w.c


Old Ng part numbers: 103781-01 and 103781-05

Old Lp part numbers: 103781-02 and 103781-06


MAJSRV14D0467 Vent Free MV Valve NG

MAJSRV14D0468 Vent Free MV Valve LP



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