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IFC Board Module | 0.584.625 | SIT ProFlame 2 System

IPI Control Module
IPI Control Module

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The Proflame2 IFC (Integrated Fireplace Control) board is a device that allows the automatic ignition and pilot flame supervision, to command the functions of a hearth appliance. It is configured to control the ON/OFF main burner operation, giving the choice of both IPI (intermittent pilot ignition), and CPI (continuous pilot ignition) modes. The Proflame2 IFC board controls directly the pilot assembly and an automatic valve 880, 886 and 885 of the Proflame families using low voltage electric power. The IFC board is powered by Line voltage (AC) with provision of battery back up in case of main power loss. Fans and lighting features will not function when the IFC is powered by battery backup. The Proflame IFC has the ability to control the comfort fan through 6 speeds, modulate an accent light through 6 levels and switch on or off an auxiliary output via the remote transmitter. Equipped with a Pilot on Demand (PoD) software feature that shuts off the pilot flame after a period (normally 7 days) of continuous pilot operation without main burner heating request. In these versions, CPI mode is intended as “continuous pilot” for a limited time period.

Manufacture's part numbers:

  • Astria (IHP): H8656
  • Continental: W190-0113 / W190-0177- SER / W190-0124 / W190-0124-SER
  • IHP: H8656
  • Ironstrike (IHP): H8656
  • Montigo (Canadian Heating): RGC3061 / RGC3095
  • Napoleon: W190-0105 / W190-0124 / W190-0177
  • SIT Group: 0.584.306
  • Superior (IHP): H8656

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