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6 inch All Fuel Chimney


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30 Degree Elbow | 6" ID | Secure Temp ASHT

6 inch 30 Degree Elbow Asht
6 inch 30 Degree Elbow Asht

ASHT Material
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SS SKU = SEC6E30-2


ASHT Wood Stove Chimney 6 inch 30 DEGREE ELBOW GALV OUTER

30ᄚ Insulated Elbow


Allows the 30ᄚ offset of a chimney. Designed to by-pass an obstacle, such as a joist. A maximum of two offsets (4 elbows) is allowed. The chimney's angle of inclination must not deviate more than 30ᄚ from the vertical position. The minimum recommended height for an installation with a 30ᄚ offset is 15'.

Also available: 6", 7" and 8" I.D. Stainless steel casing.