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6 inch All Fuel Chimney


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6GE15+ | Secure Temp ASHT | 6" ID | 15 Degree Elbow | Alu-Zinc outer

6 inch 15 Degree Elbow Asht
6 inch 15 Degree Elbow Asht

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ASHT Wood Stove Chimney 6 inch 15 DEGREE ELBOW

15ᄚ Insulated Elbow


Allows the 15ᄚ offset of a chimney. Designed to by-pass an obstacle, such as a joist. A maximum of two offsets (4 elbows) is allowed. The minimum recommended height for an installation with a 15ᄚ offset is 10'.

Also available: 6", 7" and 8" I.D. Also available in Stainless Steel casing

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