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Fireplace Mortar | Gray | 10.3 Oz Cartridge | Rutland

Fireplace Mortar | Buff
Fireplace Mortar | Buff

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RUTLAND Fireplace Mortar is perfect for repairing small chips or cracked firebrick, re-pointing mortar joints between firebricks, and bonding firebricks together. Adheres masonry to masonry for brick, firebrick, and stone.
Easy to apply with a caulking gun and will last for years. It sets as hard and as strong as firebrick after curing and can withstand the high temperatures produced by a wood fire.
  • 10.3 fl oz Cartridge
  • Gray
  • Rated to 2000°F (1090°C)
  • Requires heat to cure
  • Paintable after curing
  • Approximate coverage: 99′ with 1/8″ bead
  • Made in the USA

DIRECTIONS: Cut the nozzle tip at an angle to desired opening and insert into caulking gun. Fill the crack or hole with mortar and smooth with putty knife dipped in water. Protect new mortar from direct water contact until heat cured. Air dry for at least 24 hours but no longer than 30 days. Start a low fire, keeping the temperature below 210°F, until mortar has dried thoroughly, then increase the heat for the final cure. Heat for 1-2 hours at 500°F. If crack or joint is more than 1/8″ deep, mortar must be layered. Allow 24 hours to cure between layers. When tack free, heat for final cure.


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