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ProFlex Flexible Stainless Steel Gas Pipe


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Gas Flex Connector | 3/8 Mip X 1/2 Fip X 48 | With Valve

3/8 Mip X 1/2 Fip X 48 Gas Connector
3/8 Mip X 1/2 Fip X 48 Gas Connector

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3/8 MIP X 1/2 FIP X 48 Stainless Steel Flexible Gas Connector With Valve

Home-Flexᆴ St. St. Gas Appliance Connectors


Home-Flexᆴ Stainless Steel Gas Connectors are manufactured from high tensile-strength stainless steel. Stainless steel is especially useful in area where the natural gas has a high sulfur content. Our safe, solid, one-piece construction has deeper corrugations with no soldering joints. This increases the flexibility, allowing them to bend easier for installations. Also, our stainless steel gas connectors are highly resistant to corrosion from common from common household cleaners, such as petroleum products, ammonia, oils and grease. Stainless Steel gas connectors are highly resistant to crushing, kinking, and cracking under normal conditions, thereby providing a longer and more trouble-free service life. Design certified for both indoor and outdoor connections of stationary gas appliances


Home-Flexᆴ Safety Tips about Flexible Gas Connectors

  • Flexible Connectors should not be crushed, pinched, twisted or severely bent.
  • Do not install flexible connectors through walls, ceilings, or floors.
  • A flexible connector should be no longer than six feet (6) and should be attached to a gas pipe equipped with a shutoff valve located in the same room as the appliance.
  • DO NOT reuse a flexible connector when you replace an appliance or move to a new home. Use a NEW one.
  • If replacement is needed/required, make sure you use a gas connector certified by CSA and conforms to the CSA (ANSI) Standard. Home-Flex meets these requirements.

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