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NEU3024-850LG | Replacement Refractory Panel | 24" H x 29.625" W x 1" thick | 4 x 8 Brick Pattern | Thermax Vermiculite

Large Brick Pattern
Large Brick PatternReplacement Refractory Panel

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When using this panel for the rear application do not install tightly to the side panels. Allow 1/4" gap for expansion contraction to avoid premature cracking.

It is recommended that the maximum width of any panel not exceed 18 in. For example, if your rear panel dimension is 30 in, it is suggested to divide the rear panel into two pieces 15 in wide (expansion joint). Height of the panel is not restricted in this way. The full installation manual link is below.

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  • Panels are 1" Thick.
  • Small Brick Pattern - 3" x 8"
  • Large Brick Pattern - 4" x 8"
  • Price per panel.

Replacement Vermiculite Panel 24" high X 29 5/8"wide x 1" thick

  • If your current fireplace firebrick lining has cracks of 1/4" or more, you should replace the panels for safety reason.
  • Fits back, left or right.
  • Not recommended for the hearth (bottom) of the fireplace - use HARU2428 for Hearth brick
  • Panels are easily cut with a skill saw, saber saw, or utility knife. Cuts much easier than concrete refractory panels.
  • We do not cut to custom sizes.
  • Order multiple panels to cover larger areas.
  • Can be altered to fit all fireplaces including Marco Fireplaces. 
  • Panels can be painted with any of our Hi Temperature Paint colors purchased separately

Material Description:

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring non-combustible mineral of the 3-layered silica group. The expanded form of vermiculite is mixed with inorganic binders and pressed into durable refractory boards. There are no fibers or other hazardous materials added. The product is odor free and will not create any off-gases when heated. The boards are strong and durable to 2,012⁰F. Disposal as produced is ecologically “friendly”. Granulated after use, it can be mixed with compost material or as a soil additive for moisture retention, aeration, and beneficial mineral additions.


  • Original or replacement firebox liner, baffle, insulation for fireplaces, pellet stoves, boilers, and bio-mass heaters.
  • Veneer old refractory materials. Suitable for zero clearance fireplaces where the R-Value of the material being replaced is equal to or lower than the R-Value of Thermax Panels.
  • Fire protection – such as steel beam cladding, fire door cores, and laminated construction panels and surrounds.
  • Heat shield core material.

Better Combustion:

Thermax Boards have considerably lower heat capacity than higher density Refractories, such as fireclay bricks and precast shapes. The heat remains in the combustion chamber and speeds ignition and contributes to complete combustion, lowering emissions and ash volume. The Thermax lined heater remains clean: will not as readily build up with soot and ash.


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