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NAP111KT | Napoleon Outside Air Kit | 4" X 4' Insulated Flexpipe / Wall Vent

Napoleon Outside Air Kit
Napoleon Outside Air Kit

Inventory ID:COP16656
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Napoleon Outside Air Kit

Vent hood, insulation, 4 ft flex pipe and clamps.


NAPGVF36N,NAPGVF36P, NAPGVF42N, NAPGVF42P, NAPZCVF36, NAPZCVF42, NAPS1, NAPS4, NAPS9, NAP1100M, NAP1400P, NAP1400M, NAP1400K, NAP1900M, NAP1900K, NAP1100PL, NAP1100ML, NAP1400PL, NAP1400ML, NAP1450, NAP1450M, NAP1150P, NAP1150M, NAP1600CP-1, NAP1600CN-1, NAPNZ26, NAPNZ3000-1,

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