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Ceramic Fiber Blanket | 1" Thick | Insulwool

1" Thick Insulwool Blanket
1" Thick Insulwool Blanket

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Price and ordering are per square foot entered in Quantity box above,
Full box (4 ft x 25 ft) is 100 sq ft
A 1 ft x 4 ft piece is 4 sq ft
Whenever possible, pieces are contiguous
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Noncombustible Insulwool Blanket - 1" Thick

Used to enclose the space between existing chimney & new liner to eliminate cold air infiltration


 INSULWOOL-HP BLANKET was developed to meet the demand for a high temperature, flexible blanket insulation with a low iron content of less than 1%. INSULWOOL-HP BLANKET has excellent strength, both hot and cold. It remains in place on the furnace anchors even at high temperatures and can resist damage even when subjected to normal mistreatment in shipment and handling. If INSULWOOL-HP BLANKET becomes wet from water, steam, or oil, its thermal and physical properties are restored upon drying. Its sound absorption ability is greater than dense or insulating refractories and it stores some 95% less heat than dense firebrick and about 75% less than insulating brick. INSULWOOL-HP Blanket is NOT approved for Fire Safety or Food/Cooking Linings. 


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Manufacturer ANH Refractories Material Alumina-Silica Ceramic Fiber Blanket




Testing Standard ASTM C892  Color White




Length Sold by Sq. foot (12" x 12") Roll length 100'                                      Thickness 1"




Continuous Use Temp:  2150°F                                        Maximum Service Temperature 2300°F 



Density 4 pcf  , 6 pcf , 8 pcf, 10 pcf  (spec is -15% + 30%)                           Fiber Length (Average) 3 in.



Width Sold by Sq. foot (12" x 12") Roll width is 4'  Calculate Sq Foot Height X Length



R = thickness/K = thickness in inches
Approx R Value K in BTU-in/ft2-hr-⁰F
R in ft2-hr-⁰F/BTU