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IHP Refractory Panel Kit | B36 Models

Refractory Panel Kit
Refractory Panel Kit

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This is not a universal refractory panel kit. This panel kit is for certain Superior, Lennox and Marco Fireplaces. Please check your model number to assure it is listed here. Returns not accepted on this product.




The H0585 Refractory Panel Kit includes: Hearth, Back and two Side Refractory Panels


Original individual panel parts are no longer available.

  • Old part number for Hearth: LB96794
  • Old part number for Back panel: LB96796
  • Old part number for Side panels: LB96795, 88L55, 88L54, 88L56 & H6223 


Fits the following Fireplace models:

Marco B36CF, 792774A, 792774B, 792774D, 792774E

Marco B36CFI, 792779B, 792779D, 792779E

Marco B36HC, 792775A, 792775B, 792775D, 792775E     

Marco B36HCI, 792776A, 792776B, 792776D, 792776E

Marco BM36HC, 792777A, 792777B, 792777D, 792777E

Marco BM36HCD, 792778A,792778B, 792778D, 792778E

Superior BC-36

Superior BC-36-2

Superior BR-36

Superior BR-36-2

Superior BCD36MH

Lennox LB36HC

Lennox LB36CF


Rear Panel 15-1/4" H x 21-3/4" W x 1"Thick

Side Panel 16-3/4" H x 13-3/4" W x 1"Thick

Bottom Panel 29-7/8" FW x 21-1/4" RW x 14-1/2" D x 1" Thick

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