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Replace Old Worn Out Fireplaces with New Fireplace Inserts

Fireplaces can wear out over time and continued use when not properly maintained. Many older homes which were built with fireplaces get unused because of their lack of energy efficiency. Instead of heating the home, all your warm air can get sucked out the chimney and cold air is drawn into the home instead. In either case, you can look at fireplace inserts which fit into existing fireplaces, which are self-contained, modern, and energy efficient.

Fireplace Inserts Can Be Used to Convert a Traditional Fireplace

There are different types of fireplace inserts which you can use to convert a traditional fireplace. You can use gas inserts in both wood and gas fireplace setups. When converting from wood to gas, you may need to run a new chimney within the existing chimney as well as a natural gas line. You will find both gas and wood burning inserts available on our website, here at New Energy Distributing, as well as other quality hearth products for your entire home.

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