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When checking inlet and manifold pressure, there are many different tools that will do the job. The manometer is one of the least expensive and also one of the best because it allows you to calibrate it every time you use it, ensuring an accurate reading. The manometer is a U shaped tube filled with liquid which has a valve or stopper at the top of each riser. In between these risers is an adjustable scale that is measured in inches which allows calibration of the manometer.

When both ends of the tube are open to the atmosphere, the liquid level in both vertical risers should be equal. The scale is then adjusted up or down so that the '0' on the scale is level with the top of the liquid. When pressure is exerted on one side of the tube it forces the water level down and therefore up the other side of the tube. The pressure reading is the difference between the two liquid levels, measured in inches water column (" WC). The main point to be aware of when purchasing a manometer is that the range must be able to accommodate the pressures you will be working with (typically 8" WC).

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