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How To Select and Purchase a Wood Stove

A wood-burning appliance for space and/or water heating and/or cooking.

A wood stove sits on the floor of a room, usually away from the wall - though some of the newer models may now be placed as close as 8 inches (20 cm) from the wall. All new wood stoves are clean burning and have relatively high heating efficiencies that range from 65 to 78 percent. They may be catalytic or non-catalytic.

Styles and type of construction

Wood stoves are available in a variety of styles that vary from contemporary to traditional-looking models. They are usually made of cast iron, plate steel, sheet metal, or a combination of these materials. Some manufacturers have altered the appearance of the traditional cast-iron stove by applying different materials to the outside of the stove. Stoves are frequently enameled in a variety of colors and some are covered with marble or porcelain. Steel-plate stoves are generally made of 3/16- to 1/4-inch thick plates cut and stamped to shape. Cast-iron stoves are made of cast parts bolted together. The parts should have detailed lines and clean surfaces free of grains. The characteristics of steel and cast iron are not significantly different, therefore you can make your choice based on size, budget, and the design of the stove.

Features and what to look for:

You can tell if a wood stove is well-made by checking for clean castings, smooth welds, tight doors, smoothly-operating draft controls, and the appearance of good workmanship. Most stoves also have firebricks or metal plates to prevent burnout. These materials increase both the life of the stove and, to some extent, the thermal mass (the heat's storage medium). After the fire is out, a 500-pound stove radiates heat several hours longer than a 250-pound stove. Stoves may have doors on the top, on the side, or both.

Many of the new wood stoves have large glass doors on the side so that you can see the flames. Some glass doors perform better than others. For example, one type uses an infrared barrier in the glass that reflects heat back into the firebox. Some new models have airflow systems that remove soot and smoke from the glass doors, making them virtually self-cleaning. Wood stoves can also include several additional features such as thermostats, insulated door handles, removable ash pans and blower. We offer Majestic Wood Stoves and Napoleon Wood Stoves.


If you are purchasing a stove for a home that has never had one, you will probably need to install a chimney. Prefabricated metal chimneys are the easiest types to retrofit. They are relatively inexpensive and not extremely difficult to install. You will, however, need to cut a hole in your roof. If you are using an existing chimney in your house, make sure that the stove you are planning to buy is compatible. Many existing chimneys need to be relined, with stainless steel stove pipe in order for them to work correctly with the new high-efficiency stoves. New Energy has everything you need to install your wood stove chimney.


The experts at New Energy are always ready to help you in making your final decision on which wood stove to purchase. Call or click today! 800-218-4947

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