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6 inch Flex Chimney Liner


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6DF304-25KFB | Chimney Liner Kit | 6 in X 25 ft

 6 in X 25 ft Chimney Liner Kit
 6 in X 25 ft Chimney Liner Kit

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6" X 25 ft Stainless Steel Flexible Chimney Liner Kit

M&G DuraVent has a  Solution!

We now have a NEW U.L. (Underwriters Laboratory) listed, patent pending, lining system designed and tested to be installed in a Factory Built Chimney for wood burning appliances. Kit includes termination, 25 or 35 SS flex (304, 316, 316 Pro) lengths and appliance connector.


Kit includes:

  • 25 ft Liner Length
  • Termination Assembly
  • Appliance Connector
  • Stove Starter

You can now reline your older 1700ï¾° U.L. 103 rated chimney with our new system and can attach a wood burning appliance that requires a 2100 deg. U.L. 103 HT system.

You can now reline your inefficient Factory Built Fireplace and chimney for use with a wood burning insert that requires a 2100 deg. U.L. 103 HT system.



Relining A Factory-Built Chimney

Do you have an inefficient factory built fireplace in your house that is letting all of your heated air up the chimney? Even if you start a fire in this appliance, most of the heat will go up the chimney and very little will go into the room.

Do you still have a chimney in your house installed prior to 1990? These older chimneys are called U.L. 103 rated systems and do not provide enough safety for today’s wood burning appliances.

Are you ready to install a modern wood burning appliance or insert to really heat your house and want to re-use what already exists? Our new system will safely protect you and your family while using a new high efficient wood burning appliance with an affordable relining solution that is U.L. tested and listed to be installed into an existing metal factory built chimney listed to U.L. 103 or a chimney that is a component of a factory built fireplace and chimney system listed to U.L. 127.


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